The Journey
by Kyjin

soul weary and flesh withered

how far have i traveled
down this dirt and gravel?
where do my footsteps lead
as they fade with resolute speed?

in the leafy crackling rusty trails
in the dusty wind-whipped valleys
in the grainy chasms of the arctic tundra
in the gritty spiraling sinking sands

of the deeply, blue, green, and darkened sea

one by one we crawl from our mother’s wombs
then we are pitched into dirt and pit
cloud-bound rising into celestial space
mingling descent with the familiar clay

there are those who have died
with feet and mouth walking and talking
living and breathing, seeing and hearing
though they have form, they are without life

how quickly we abandon the labors of birth
with breaths of tears and breaths of mirth
eager escape from the fleshy womb
then soon enter our earthly tombs

tunnels and caves, we dig and excavate
all into one converge at the point of light

how much farther must i go
before i stand at the precipice of this road?
i won’t let it end in this shape and manner
I will not rest until my strength surrenders
to the beat and breath

it is true that we are born in the annals of sin
and as we creep through the litter of infancy
stained our hands in the sludge of man
dragged our knees through it,
fallen face first in it,
but though we have faltered
we rise again from the waste,
tarred and feathered
in over our knees, up to our heads
swimming in the muck of man, in the droppings
that he alone has laid for his children

the future is our home
our fathers the architects,
scouts of our survival
but in the fall of pride,
they engulf the flag of time
in flames, and as the fabric burns
its ashes fly with the wind to blind our eyes

hazy, blurry, ashen eyes
our future, our lives, the vision of our eyes
we have no choice but to descry:
“father look back, and see these tears our eyes”

it is true that we are orphans
left at a stranger’s door
born without knowing,
left to our wits and thinking
though we have slipped from the seat of grace
soon we shall awaken
and return to the light’s embrace

how much time can be salvaged
as a leaky faucet in the skies that drips
how much time can our bear hands grip
as the seconds slip
through the crevasses of our fingertips

life is an intertwine of concentric circles
a circus, a circuit, all in all a pursuit
of something, someone, someplace
beauty, perfection, peace, and solace
seeds of a dream branching into strife
inspired growth all stunted by life

tirelessly pursuing, obediently following
to find something with meaning,
a significant, a friend, a lover, a soul mate,
someone to whom we can relate

twisting, winding, and straddling our worries
that ascend to the reigns of our chariot
the master, becomes the mastered
the conqueror, conquered
and all that is left,
is dull and weathered

dressing our flesh with sweet caress
blessing our smiles with tender wiles
as we move to the beat of the mortal song
and hum the rhythm of the carnal requiem
while the fetal thing that dwells within
fatigued, eroded, and gritty thinned
will mold, fester, and fade
we become as animals
mounted, gutted, and empty from within
yet beautifully preserved out on the skin

a life of kings,
a life of peace,
in comfort,

the things we strive for
that which we lack
sometimes we’re torn
when the stretch is too far
and then we break
when the bend is too great

at last we find our dreams have flickered
bearing fruit without lasting flavor
only when abundance to all is rendered
then these dreams one and all shall savor

thus the seeds that we sow today
let it be for the common harvest
and the reap of our mutual sweat
will be for the public estate

as far as i have traveled
the endless path still lies in the distance
a voyage of the soul that’s unfathomably deep
against unyielding barriers still I urge and keep

fear born of spite and bred in the absence of light
corrupts man and the ground on which he stands
a blessing, a curse, a lonely gift of brilliance
nature has declared him and his kind as dissidents

a rebel, unprecedented
a youth, uninhibited
he alone bears the burden of truth
messengers who bring word from the king
forbidden to see until it is decreed
carrying its weight without knowing its depth
faithful in his duty against all curiosities
never to know the message until the very end

nature she is divided,
through forces at play and collided
the land, the seas, the dark and the light
are among the greatest apartheids
but nature knows the secret of harmony
and all before man surrenders to her majesty

though man he may be free
his heart lingers in a prison of cinder
in life he walks through a field of mines
caged by walls, wires, and unwrithable binds

if freedom from hate his heart cannot know
then he will be prisoner in a cell to him much smaller

if to ignorance he clings and his mind cannot soar
then he will remain as a pillar unmoved by the wind

if to flesh he grips and his soul is adhered
then when flesh be to ash his soul shall not pass

if he refuses to live outside of his cellular walls
then he will not uncover that life itself is the lover
and all in compassion, the objects of its affection

if you’re tired of walking in a field of maiming
drained of bleeding from the wire’s pricking
then walk with me with your heart open and free
you’ll see these pillars around you splinter
walk furthermore until you reach the eternal shore
then you’ll find that this prisoner of yours
he is no more

how far have we gone
and why do we go alone?
while the destination for all is one in the same
our paths diverge from the origin of where we came

we start as one then we become two
from two to four then infinity more
a part of me inside a part of you
our bodies touch, our souls collide
and at last there is no more divide

yet when we peer at the glass besmeared
what we see is not a reflection of we
but simply me and how i differ from he
my actions and whim different from him

and if he who is not me
then i shall pass him by
without a mind of the passerby
alone i step to my own lullaby

in a world of strangers
we die alone along busy streets
like unwanted refuse tossed aside
a heap of decay in quiet dismay

i am not he who cannot see beyond me
i wish not until him a life of chaos and whim

a lover that dies of an ineffable heart
silenced by fear that it cannot beat
still-born and doomed before it can live
stifling muzzled, pride that cannot love

if another should suffer that I would feel pleasure
then let this pain shake my every nerve and vein
pierce this heart with the sharpest of darts
fall to my knees and reveal what i cannot see

for another’s death is a slice of my own flesh
a scab that’s peeled before the wound has healed

unable to love for fear of loss
unwilling to give for fear of cost
these tragedies lie in the still frames of our eyes

there are worlds of sufferance
trials of man’s endurance
rapture and misery
contrived from one visionary

unable to fly for fear of falling from the skies
unwillingly to live for fear of the day we’ll die
these tragedies lie in the still frames of our eyes

look upon me now and see that i am here
within a moment’s blink i may disappear
matter and art then eventually we depart
a notice of vacancy
left on the door of eternity

existence springs in the beat of the heart
and the space between is captured by death
castles of sands to seas undone
the wheels of life fractured and worn

if i can be the rain to the reservoir replete
a river surrendering to the flow complete
an ocean to quench all of life’s unquenchable thirsts
the unbreakable earth that defies the universe

for however long these shoulders can bear the weight
the burden of the world will be offset by its strength
from the moment i am born to when i shall awake
soul kinetic and flesh enduring to the journey’s end

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