The Craftsman
by Kyjin

a craftsman with tools in hand
skillfully design mix blood and sweat
ready to mend what’s broke and bent
renews life’s lease with a sturdy mallet

when something in me is fractioned
a division of its original intention
having no recourse or much of remorse
wounds drained and shriveled to the core

like shards of glass burrowing
in this heart of mine befallen
twisting motivate its bleeding
removed fibrous muscle ripping

gasping for life breath asthmatic
rabid pulsations arrhythmic
aching with a pain nostalgic
blissed-out in a state euphoric

in ripened season it races with ineffable reasons
foolhardy feverish spurring clamorous shouting
half-step stumbling drunken stupor distraction
mind slumbering erratic mouth stuttering

spasms in words a whisper to me warn
the scent of blood raw and discrete
entrails begin their curl and churn
the sweat of youth pungent and sweet

magnetic lust to our bodies gravitate
aperture of my eyes fully dilate
body and mind their ways separate
pupils tight capturing you and I’m satiate

the motions of love quick and forceful
flowing pace measured and graceful
as a smith molds with beat and temper
he and the hammer connects with his lover

two fiercely spinning serrated blades
on course to meld from heat and friction
blinding sparks dance about fiery cascades
rendering in me the fury of amber passion

melting, dripping, wax to candle-flame oozing
searing, singing, rampant burning sensations
heat sprawling, skin crawling, head brawling
molten lead pouring into a heart-shaped creation

crushed into granules of powdered gray
pressed with darkened tints of ruby red
sculpted to form as an artist with clay
kneaded to shape as the maker of bread

delivered into the roaring pit of blazes
pressurized grains swollen and suspended
expelled from the catalytic furnace
impregnated seeds slow and emulsive

love-leadened addiction
self-mutilating affliction
grind my heart into pink, purple
and blood-red crystals
sloshing in the muddy,
grains of sand bloody

a craftsman mends the glass-heart shattered
and he repairs the leadened-heart fractured
but with flesh shavings through me streaming
torrent sands viscous and one with me becoming
when the only breath of my soul is smothered
only love’s breath can heal my heart slivered

can your heart be as a hollow drum
so that within you I may resound?
beating of taut and slickened skin
feel my passion all-consuming?

can your lungs learn to breath
air through my lips passing?
can your heart learn to pump
blood through my veins siphon?

the torrid river rouge dashes through me
impassioned with a profuse excitement
and effervescently fleeing to the sea
as tides that wear the rusty sediment

what happens when a capillary bursts?
organs manic with savage hunger and thirst?
and the body drowns itself alive?
how do you heal vessels ruptured inside?

i lay beside the reflection of a crimson sky
but it is not the heavens in this color casting
nor the sands taint with a sanguinary dye
rather the ocean of heart hemorrhage
and soul weeping

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