The Porcelain Youth
by Kyjin

We are in a state of volatility
The earth forcefully ruptures from beneath
and the sky hangs flimsily on a glimmer of hope
The sun rises with hesitation and
falls quickly against a blanket of darkness

Within the high towers
I hear the murmuring of their cowardice
and within its ivory walls
the whisperings of their treachery

A corrosive poison
that chars black, the heart of man

On the ground
I hear the dirge of a soldier
pleading for mercy
in a field lay scattered
his slain comrades


Don’t take flight on the eagle’s wings
and prey on the unsuspecting youth
Steer him back to the arms of safety
and let him return to the refuge of his nest

Don’t send us to the hunting grounds
to be hung as headless trophies
by poachers and murderers

Don’t let the taxidermists
strip us of our humanity
and expose us to adult pastimes
that our innocence will unknowingly embrace

Don’t rape us of our freedom
that in silence we will resentfully consent
You may muffle our cries of agony
and while our bodies may submit
our minds will remain faithful to the pain

Stand on your podium
indulge our ears
with the nectar of your words
Then return
to the comfort of your home,
family, wife, and kids

But I will remain here, miles from home,
away from love, away from life
A ghost in a land of strangers
resting against the blood-soaked soil
waking to cries of shattered men, women, and children

I am no hero, I am no enemy
I am the porcelain youth
My skin,
tender, easily cut
My life,
fragile, easily broken

Yet I am loved,
and demonized

My mission is to slay an enemy
whom I do not fully understand
And still I see my weapon stained
with the blood of the blameless

I seek to justify my sins
and wash from my hands
the evidence of my deeds;
but my mind remains
diluted in this crimson river,
plaguing my waking life
and haunting my very existence

You ask me to be brave
and send me off with admiration
You ask me to be strong
and gave me means to protect myself

But you did not ask me
if I was willing to kill,
because he does not share an ideal
that you hold to be righteous
if I was willing to lay waste,
a land and its people,
because they do not believe
what you hold to be self-evident

The truth is,
I will not fight under a fever of destruction
and plunge our world into ruination

Perhaps it is best that I do not raise arms
at all,
against my fellow man,
who are also born of flesh and blood
who will recoil when he is shot
and bleed when his skin is broken

I am no hero, he is not my enemy
We are the porcelain youth,
Our skin,
Tender and scarred
Our lives,
Fragile and broken

Is glory worth
The fate of my brothers and sisters
sealed in a body bag?
Or worse…
Blown unrecognizably apart
only to be carried home by the winds?

How many countless lives
must prematurely sink into the dirt?
and how many more
will be shamelessly smothered in shallow graves
As we dig for this fool’s gold?


And I will say to this woeful soldier
fear not for the porcelain youth
your laments are carried by the winds of change
Our fathers know not what they do
in the games that they play with our lives

If today,
in fear,
we live, fight, and kill
in fear,
we will die

These fears are only the puppetry of shadows
casting a darker shade of ourselves
wrestling with our own inner demons
and projecting its image into our reality

Fear not lamenting youth
for you are not alone
in your depths of loneliness and despair;
in the prison of your conscience
and the slaughter-house of innocence

I will stand with you through the darkness of our times
when you find yourself fragmented
I will gather your pieces and rebuild your hope

Together we will carry this beacon of light
and shine its truth of love and peace
into man’s shadowy heart

For he cannot be changed
with blunts or bullets,
beaten or deranged
as this can only scar his flesh
while his conviction grows ever stronger

Speak to him in his heart
and in time he will see for himself
the error of his ways
Only then will you have turned him as the enemy,
and will have also made him
a friend

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