Love is Life is Poetry
by Kyjin

the pulse of my chest pounds
with the melody of your bosom
and our bodies flow like
rhythms of poetry,

between the silken darkness
our frictionless breath warms
the brine expelling from
our body’s interlace

in this moment
we are wholly captured
by the original womb,
our contours blur and
we become

a symbiosis
one breath,
one soul

love is an intercourse
buried in the exchange
of our chemistry,
our blood,
and our sweat

no taste of sweet liquor or
scent of earth’s blossoms
can measure at length
to one love’s sacrifice

for only in death is life renewed
and its gift spins nature’s resolve
as the law of life ordered
in the cosmos

to be
born and
to die,

as rupturing stars,
with illuminating grace

for this reason
a lover declares,
“i would die for you,”
and thrusts into descent
toward love’s embrace
for love he dies,
in love he is reborn

and within this fleeting repose,
celestial bodies at once
hold their breath;
the universal eye
blinks to capture
an epic still frame
of evanescence

then, in rapid exhalation,
we emerge from ecstasy;
heart palpitating,
body rinsed with fluid and
absorbed in the intensity
of our collision

rampant flames unclothe our flesh
with a feverish caress,
and we bathe in the tenderness
of its arresting comfort

in this furnace of lust
our desires burn, its ashes
blanket our unassuming form and
we, as crashes of lightning,
split the naked earth

rapt in a capricious trance,
all reason alludes and reality is
the frolicking space of fantasy;
our experience, purely visceral

life and death, only distance
time and space, merely concepts

and love,

love is life is poetry

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