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by Kyjin

Happiness is a creature that burns within me
Claws full of fury and eyes guided toward its goal
Rattling the prison that ensnares contentment
Happiness is the bane of my existence

Joy is a character like none other
It thrives on loneliness and fear
Delving the depths of my soul
Exploiting the pain that shreds my woe

Bliss is a flower that blooms in winter
With exhilarating might it struggles to live
Alone in a desecrate wasteland of pale white
Hiding behind its beauty all of its blight

Pleasure is an illusion of my sorrow
It blinds the reality of my endless torture
My feelings and emotions all fake
Each moment passes for a lie’s sake

Silence is the core of my heart
The constant beating worn and empty
Happiness lives on as my penance
Happiness is the bane of my existence

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