The Veil0

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The Veil
by Kyjin

i look at the sky and wonder why
the sun never refuses to rise
its rays dancing across the horizon
slowly fading my memory of its motion

then bows down to greet its partner
stepping closer their bodies gather
in the ridge of light and darkness
gently swaying to twilight’s caresses

the heavens journey with arduous resolve
oblivious to the futility of its revolve,
fueled by the fiery passions of eternity,
seething from immolation its celestial body

yet eschews the pain of flesh-born affliction
because it is immune to the human condition
no greed, malice, envy, or pride to speak of
only the sublime nature of incorruptible love

as the blood that surges through our veins
transfuses life without claim of selfish gains
or the spirit that awakens our inanimate shell
to rise against the assault of the sleepless veil

i peer at the stars and ponder afar
aeons from one breath of each pulsar
how time drapes our existence in finite
obscuring our senses with limited sight

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