The Carrions
by Kyjin

rally the carrions to the labors of men preserve
for as in their gnawing rots the roots of rife
so too the piling wastes decay into the earth
thus creating the cycle that we know as life

thieves of time that rob men blindly of their youth
from the darkness and through ages until darkness
leeches like wool siphon through the blood of fools
feeding on their breath until they lie breathless

men share no less the floundering fate of stifled fish
that which suffering is muzzled by the gelatinous air
in stillness the restless renders the body fleshless
but its seeds of contagion with time blooms in splendor

the swoons of pestilence sway to nature’s resolve
when one’s intoxication venomous to another’s survival
her wrath is justly swift and sweeps from above
as a disarming plague inoculating the frenzied rivals

then come the invisible army of feeders
to grind away the remnants of existence
a pulp that again into the cycle enters

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