the past slips away as certain as the future looms on the horizon and what we have today is all that we have to live by. if we can embrace the present moment without regret and tread on with an enduring heart in hand, we will have lived in that moment. and most would agree that a fulfilling life is one that is lived.

be like the matador and tame life by the horns. if he throws you off, the pain of falling will only know one purpose- to be the passion that fans the flames of determination. a spectator of life can only know limited satisfaction, it is in the living of it that one can know contentment.

in reflection, at life’s end, we are among a circle of friends sharing our scars and stories of triumph.

at this moment, we will know that our path in life is paved by a cement truck that pours love as concrete onto the virgin path and its texture is determined by how much love we are willing to pour from our beings or that which we are choosing to withhold. life’s path is paved by the concrete of love and the lack of it.

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