I’m a Fire-Water Elemental or “The Crimson Sea.” Most of the time, like a placid lake, I’m tranquil and at peace; or when in motion easy-flowing as a river sliding effortlessly downstream. But under certain circumstances when the Fire fuses with the Water, the energy released can be quite catastrophic for those within vicinity. Further, I’m Libra, which is an Air sign; thus it follows that when the Water is heated beyond its liquid threshold, a transformation into steam takes form and eventually condenses into Air- sailing smoothly as a gentle breeze. In any form, Water, Fire, or Air, there’s a destructive potentiality especially when catalyzed by the volatility of Fire. However, if this force is channeled through a creative conduit, it can be a powerful propeller for revolutionary transformation. In the same respect, I think the same force nests within us all, and while there’s a diverse spectrum manifested, it serves us to remark that we can shape our destinies in varying degrees based on our own level commitment, diligence and patience to endure the trials on the journey. “spirit is life, mind is builder, physical manifests.”

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