For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been under a crisis of faith though, ultimately, I think this is conducive to my infinitely inquisitive nature. It isn’t that I am faithless, but rather I’m more invested in possibility. I am not comfortable under the constraints of any one religion and as such I extract the value from each and assimilate its truths into a general sense of awareness that enlightens my perception of the world and instills me with a lesser degree of bias in how the construct of the reality around me is conceived. I am simultaneously representative of the Mulder and Scully psyche. That is, “I want to believe,” but “is it rational?” Enter faith, which is an invisible bridge that connects the immediate reality and another intangible realm: magic, manna, aether, spirits, extra-terrestrials, gods, demons, guardians, angels, dragons, sprites, unicorns, magnetism, gravity, and the Divine. To varying degrees we can visualize these intangibles, believe them to exist, and by the virtue of believe, perhaps could manifest them into the collective reality if the esoteric universal mechanics are accessible to us, as it were. And so, the only points of division are along the degrees to which our imagination is able to stretch. Being that we are unique, the diversity of our capacities and predispositions are limitless, and if only we can imagine a world unlike our own and make belief that this is another lens peering into the universal perspective, then we may begin to harmonize our own visions with that of the collective. One needs not lose religion in order to be gain it in proper but rather a gentler approach would be to reconcile the construct of our own “house”, in which we are comfortable, and visually deconstruct the artifice into its most simple building blocks, then we can see at the base of every house of worship is a foundation that rests on one single earth. The only castles floating in the skies are those supported on our own shoulders held in place by lofty ideas stemming from a false sense of superiority, and still, at the very base, our feet are firmly planted in root of the earth. So if you ask me what my religion is/was, I will respond, “my fidelity rests in the providence of possibility.”

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