Philosophy has always been an essential part of who I am, and its significance in my life profoundly shapes the mold of consciousness through which all of my experiences are filtered. I think in terms of universal paradigms. This is analogous to the properties of elasticity. Let’s briefly examine its characteristics and tie its relevance to the definition of my personal attributes.

Elasticity exhibits three properties:
perviousness, resilience, and metamorphism.

Perviousness is a state of being receptive and penetrable. An elastic band forms a loop and it is through this opening that new ideas take passage.

Resilience is the ability to sustain original integrity after distress or deformation. This is a corollary of adaptation and tolerance: an elastic band can extend itself to conform to other objects and is eager to accept change.

Metamorphism is complimentary to resilience wherein if the latter is a transitory utility, then the former becomes an enduring catalyst. They both are executors of change but one is more extemporaneously effective, while the other is an evolution that produces residual impressions: an elastic band takes on new forms through rigorous effort.

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