Moderation Is Not a Negation of Intensity, But Helps Avoid Monotony
John Tagliabue

Will you stop for a while, stop trying to pull yourself
for some clear “meaning” – some momentary summary?
no one
can have poetry or dances, prayers or climaxes all day;
the ordinary
blankness of little dramatic consciousness is good for the
health sometimes
only Dostoevsky can be Dostoevskian at such long,
long tumultuous stretches;
look what the intensity did to poor Van Gogh!;
linger, lunge
scrounge and be stupid, that doesn’t take much centering
of one’s forces;
as wise Whitman said “lounge and invite the soul.” Get
enough sleep;
and not only because (as Cocteau said) “poetry is the
literature of sleep”;
be a dumb bell for a few imnutes at least; we don’t want
Sunday church bells
ringing constantly

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