The Forsaken Wife
Elizabeth Thomas

Methinks, ’tis strange you can’t afford
One pitying look, one parting Word;
HUMANITY claims this as due,
But what’s HUMANITY to you?

Cruel Man! I am not Blind,
Your Infidelity I find;
Your want of Love, my Ruin shows,
My broken Heart, your broken Vows.
Yet Maugre all your rigid Hate,
I will be TRUE in spite of Fate;
And one Preheminence I’ll claim,
To be for ever still the same.

Show me a Man that dare be TRUE,
That dares to suffer what I do;
That can for ever Sigh unheard,
And ever Love without Regard:
I then will own your Prior Claim
To LOVE, to HONOUR, and to FAME:
But ’till that time, my Dear, adieu,
I yet SUPERIOR am to you.

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